Established in 2017, Sex’e Skins has been providing convenient Bra shopping experience. As an up and coming leader in the luxury lingerie vendor-business, bringing a fresh and exotic approach to the word “lingerie” with stunning pieces and exceptional customer service. With features such as Nightwear Shop and Track you order where you can conveniently track your purchases anytime anywhere. As we gradually improve and enhance our services, to cater to your deepest and sexiest desires.

Because every one of us deserves to be Sex’e.


We only get the best of the best collections from well-known lingerie companies and their brands where we meticulously pick the most seductive, alluring and tantalizing lingerie’s in the market giving you that confident-sexy feeling your husband-lovers would undoubtedly be unable to resist, ready to engage for that steamy long night. We’ve warned you.

With a wide variety of lingerie options choose from seven types of night wear -Applique, Babydoll, Bustiers, Teddy, Chemises, Bra-Panty sets and Robes from our wide array of collection. Personalized for your comfort.


When you’re bracing for that moment you’ve always been fantasizing about and you’re ready to unleash that wild side of yours, comfort means everything.  Tailor-made with satin materials giving you that feeling like you’re not even wearing anything makes it more fun to bring out your best performance.